Tour Plans

Tour Plans need to be submitted at least 21 days in advance to ensure the Council has time to review the plan and assist you in updating it if it is found defective. All Tour Plans are approved at the local level including trips of 500 miles or more. 


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North Florida Council Tour Plan policy is as follows:

1.     In general, a Tour Plan is required when any leader or parent is transporting a youth other than their own child. A tour plan is also required for any overnight outing at a location other than a North Florida Council Camp.

2.     Tour plans are always required for any trip that meets the following criteria:

  • Trips of 500 miles or more
  • Trips outside the borders of the North Florida Council
  • Trip to any national high adventure base, national Scout jamboree, National Order of the Arrow Conference or regionally sponsored event.

    When conducting the following activities outside of council or district events:

  • Aquatics activities (swimming, boating, floating, scuba, etc.)              
  • Climbing and rappelling
  • Orientation flights (process flying plan)
  • Shooting sports
  • Any activities involving motorized vehicles as part of the program (snowmobiles, boating, etc.)

3.     A Tour Plan is required for any usage of Camp Francis.

4.     A Tour Plan is not required in the following circumstances:

  • When attending a district or council event.
  • When camping at Camp Shands or St. Johns River Base at Echockotee and not participating in the activities as listed above. A facilities usage form must be completed any time a unit visits either Camp Echockotee or Camp Shands.
  • When every parent is transporting their own child and there is not an overnight stay.

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