Sign Up Night

What is a Sign-Up Night?
Sign Up Nights should be simple, fun, interactive, informative, organized and effective. Effective means families 1) join Scouting 2) feel welcome and 3) are connected to something organized and worthwhile. A Sign-Up Night is a Council activity, in which volunteers and staff work together to create a fantastic customer service experience for new families. 
Where are Sign-Up Nights?
Sign Up Nights are to be hosted at the location in which the youth were recruited. Examples: a school classroom visit from staff is followed by a Sign-Up Night in that school’s cafeteria, or a presentation at church on Sunday is followed by a Sign-Up Night at that church’s fellowship hall. This ensures a level of comfort for new families and reinforces the implied endorsement from the school or church. 
When are Sign Up Nights?
Sign Up Nights take place in evening hours on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays. Volunteers arrive 45 minutes prior to the start time (which is typically 6:30pm). The presentation should last no longer than 20 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes to answer questions and work with parents to complete the registration process. Event arrival to departure should take no longer than 2 hours.
Scheduling Sign Up Nights
Staff, with input from unit leaders develop a calendarized plan to visit all schools. Staff then work with school Principals and administrators throughout the summer to finalize school visits and evening sign up nights and in turn communicate that information to local unit leadership. It is imperative staff are involved in leading this part of the process because 1) School District Superintendents expect us to have one point of contact and 2) staff must manage their time to ensure proper service at all schools and for all Packs and Troops.
Price, Cost, Money
In 2024, the joining fee will be $150/youth or $77/adult regardless of when the sign up night takes place and registration will run for a 12-month cycle. Families will be encouraged to make the Scout handbook their first purchase – whether by visiting the Scout Shop or using a Scout Shop order form provided at Sign-Up Night.
Items Needed from Each Unit Prior to August 1st Roundtable:
  1. Complete your unit information sheet – send to your local Executive
  2. Update your pin at         Instructions for BeAScout Pin
    • Point of Contact - Name, Email Phone
    • Date/Time/Location of meetings
    • Any Activity fees
    • Links to Unit Website/Facebook page
    • Family Unit or Boy-Only Unit status
    • Apply status is "ON"
  3. Order Your Ask-A-Friend Recruitment Cards here
Additional Tools to Prepare for Sign Up Night Season