St. Johns District


The St. Johns District encompasses the entirety of St. Johns county.

Roundtable leader discussions will be held the first Thursday of each month, beginning at 7:00pm.
Village Church, 4229 Pacetti Road, St. Augustine, FL 32092.

Should you have a question or seek guidance, please reach out to these points of contact, who serve as the local “knowledge experts,” before reaching out to your NFC professional.

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District Commissioner

Gives leadership to the Commissioner team, who serve as mentors to
unit-level leaders by providing guidance and support and act as the
conduit to additional resources provided by the Program subcommittees.

Bob DeLoatch


Program Chair

Gives leadership to the Advancement, Training & Outdoor Experience
subcommittees to provide the needed resources to unit leaders to facilitate
a strong unit-level Scouting experience for each family.

Brett Canter


Advancement Chair

Ensures that all Scouting Units are using and implementing the prescribed
age appropriate advancement program for the Scouting participants within
the Units as evidenced by youth members advancing in Scouting Rank.

Amy Williams


Membership Chair

Works with unit leaders to ensure focus on year-round recruitment of
new families into the program. Helps to coordinate fall sign up nights
and parent orientation meetings and connects any new interested families
to local Scouting units within the District. 

Matthew Tedone


Training Chair

Ensures that all unit leaders within the various Scouting Units of the district
are trained for their position.

Derek Smith


Outdoor Experience Chair

Ensures that all Scouting Units within the District participate in a robust
outdoor program at the Unit level and insure that Scouting Units participate
in Council level programs such as Merit Badge Fairs, Cub Family Campouts,
Summer Adventure Pass Program, Cub Scout Day Camps and Summer Camp
for Scouts BSA Units.

Astrid Parker


District Executive

A professional Scouter who gives leadership to all volunteers serving in
the St. Johns District.

Jillian Wilson