Reservations: Camp Francis


Information - Camp Francis is owned by the Camp Francis Trust and is set aside for usage by the North Florida Council BSA. We are now asking that you reserve Camp Francis online, like our other two Camps.
Primitive Camping - Camp Francis features several wooded campsites, a large open field, a shelter at the old house site pit latrines and city water. The site is perfect for advancement work with new Scouts or for troop games in a private setting. The Pavilion is NOT for sleeping under any circumstances.
Camp rules -Please note all camp rules as posted on the side of the building. These rules are your responsibility to seek out and follow. The lake and dock are off limits and not available for Scout use. Quiet time is from 11pm until 7 am.

Campsites- The Campsites closest to the site pit latrines are 1, 2, 9, 10 and 13. Water is near Campsite 1, 2, 3 and 11, please refer to the Camp Map for any additional information.

Trash - There is no garbage service on the property and all trash must be packed out. Please follow “Leave no Trace”, violators will be barred from using the Camp in the future

Contact Information - Camp Francis is managed by the Ranger staff at Camp Shands. Contact Eli Rivera for more information at

Damage - Any units which damage camp property will be required to perform community service on the camp as determined by the Ranger staff. Units will not be allowed to use any other North Florida Property until this community service has been fulfilled.

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