North Florida Council Refund Policy

The North Florida Council will process refunds for fees paid for activities and training under the following conditions:

Requests must be made in writing to the Council Service Center via mail or email. All emails must be sent to Elizabeth Mountain at and copied to Leah Mansfield at

All refund requests must be received NO LATER THAN FIVE DAYS after the event is completed. Requests received after this time will not be processed.

Requests for refund made:

  • Two weeks or more before event = 85% Refund
  • Less than two weeks and until event = 60% Refund
  • Up to five days after the event = 40% Refund
  • Six or more days after the event = No Refund

Reasons for requesting a refund:

  • Serious illness or injury preventing attendance
  • Death in family preventing attendance
  • The event or activity is cancelled or rescheduled
  • Family Emergency

Refunds for fees of $10 or less will not be issued. Checks expire after 90 days so Uncashed Checks is subject to a $25 administrative fee at the discretion of Staff.

Refunds are not given for no shows and for bad weather that does not warrant event cancellation

For Council, High Adventure Contingents, National Jamborees, and other similar events, refunds will be given if a paid participant has replaced the Scout that has cancelled. The refund will be less any costs incurred by these changes (airfare, activity fees, transportation).

Refunds for Order of the Arrow events are subject to all the above and will be issued only with the approval of the Lodge Staff Advisor. Please contact Linda Visman at

Aquatics camp is subject to their own policies as found at

Camp Shands refunds are subject to the above and must be approved by the Program Director Eli Rivera.

Last updated December 28, 2018