Award Submission Details

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

  • The award is locally determined and nationally approved. The number of awards allowed in the current year is determined by the number of Scouts that earn the Eagle rank in the previous calendar year; with two awards for the first 100 Eagles and 1 award for every 100 or fraction thereof above that.
  • Nominations for this award must be received by the NESA committee no later than May 15th. Completed applications and supporting documentation may be sent to: NESA Committee Chair
                              c/o North Florida Council, BSA
                              521 S. Edgewood Ave 
                              Jacksonville, FL 32205
  • NOESA Nomination Form Application
  • **Completed NOESA applications must include supporting documentation (list of accomplishments, letters of acknowledgement from community leaders, etc). It may be a free-form list compiled by the nominator.**
  • Nominators (Anyone is eligible to nominate) will be notified of the receipt of the application and the decision of the committee.
  • NOESA recipients will be notified by the committee and invited to the annual Gathering of Eagles in August.

521 S. Edgewood Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32205

(904) 388-0591 (904) 387-4148

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