Pinewood Derby Council Rules

Pinewood Derby Chairmen, please find attached the North Florida Council Pinewood Derby rules. To reduce confusion among Scouts and Leaders, we highly recommend that these rules be used at all Pack and District level races.

Rule Goals

  • The rules should promote maximum involvement by the Scout.
  • The rules should provide a fair and level playing field.
  • The rules should allow for creativity in engineering and design.
  • The rules should (attempt to) prohibit techniques that are beyond the skill level of an average Scout.
  • The rules should (attempt to) dissuade the use of aftermarket bodies, wheels and axles.
  • The rules should be usable at the Pack and District level.
  • The rules should be easy to understand.
  • The rules should be easy to enforce.

Race Day Inspection Tips

  • To ensure fairness, always use the same scale for all cars.
  • Always re-zero (tare) the scale before each car. If not, graphite buildup on the scale will affect car weights.
  • During inspections it is best to weigh the car first before checking dimensions, wheels and other areas; since Scouts will often need to make final weight adjustments.
  • Any time a car is touched by a Scout or Akela, it should always be brought back to the scale to be reweighed and re-inspected.
  • Once the car has passed inspection, it cannot be touched or handled by the Scout or Akela.
  • Due to variations in tracks, the rules provide a recommended clearance of 3/8 inch, however, most tracks allow for lower clearances with no problems. Cars that do not pass the 3/8 inch clearance guideline should be physically checked on the track curve.
  • To protect the track, no lubricants may be applied to the exterior of the wheels