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Restart Scouting Checklist 

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Updated August 2, 2021
Next update- please check back often as guidance from State and Federal authorities is changing constantly.
We hope that your family is safe and healthy.  As government COVID-19 restrictions in the State of Florida to be safe at home are relaxed, we are continuing return to Scouting operations.
The State of Florida has developed a safe, smart and step-by-step phased approach to get all of us back in business. We have now moved into Phase 3:
  • Those 65 or older or with compromised health conditions can resume public interactions but should practice social distancing.
  • Employers should resume unrestricted staffing of worksites and implement the final phasing in of employees returning to work. 
  • Physical distancing among individuals continues- 6 feet apart, minimum. 
  • Retail and restaurants may operate at full capacity with limited social distancing.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals may resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.
  • Given the State of Florida’s Phase 3 level, the following North Florida Scouting operational changes are in effect and will remain so until otherwise announced.
The health, safety and well-being of all Members, staff, and volunteers is a top priority for the North Florida Council, BSA.  With that in mind and the recent surge of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in our area, we are now requiring that masks be worn inside the Thompson S. Baker Scout Service Center and at all of our Camp Properties. This also includes all District and Council events that are indoors.
Please reference individual facilities or events to see what mask guidance is required for your visit. 
Thompson S. Baker Scout Service Center
  • The Service Center is open and welcoming visitors.  Council staff are operating on site and remotely to assist Units and Volunteers from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.  
  • Visitors are required to wear face coverings, adhere to physical distancing, and follow posted signage and sanitation protocols.
  • Please CLICK HERE for a North Florida Council staff directory and contact information.
  • If you need to add money to your Unit's Registration or Scout Shop accounts, please use the links on the Home page of or mail in a Unit check.
North Florida Council Scout Shop
  • Jacksonville Scout Shop is open.  
    • Monday - Friday-  9 am - 6 pm
    • Saturday- 9 am - 2 pm
  • You may place orders at Instructions to order advancement items are located at the top banner of the page.
  • Visitors are required to wear face coverings/mask while visiting the store.
  • If you need to add money to your Scout Shop account, please use the links on the Home page or mail in a Unit check.
Regular Weekly Unit Meetings
  • Consistent with Florida’s phase 3 guidelines, Unit’s should consider in-person meetings & activities if permitted by the Unit Committee in consultation with the Unit Chartered Organization. Units must follow guidance and protocols provided by the chartered organization.
  • Scouting participants aged 65 or older or with compromised health conditions can resume public interactions but should practice social distancing.
  • The Restart Scouting Checklist should be followed for all meetings, service projects, camping and all other official Scouting activities.
  • CLICK HERE for the Restart Scouting Checklist

Camp Shands and St. Johns River Base are open for Scouting unit use.

  • The Camps are open for unit use consistent with State of Florida Phase 3 guidelines.  Consult the specific camp web page for more specific information.
  • Masking guidelines for ALL Camps:
    • Indoors: Mask use indoors are required for all people, including children. No child under the age of 2 should wear a mask.
    • Outdoors. In general, people do not need to wear masks when outdoors. However, particularly in areas of substantial to high transmission, people who are not fully vaccinated are encouraged to wear a mask in crowded outdoor settings or during activities that involve sustained close contact with other people who are not fully vaccinated.   
    • Staff and campers who are fully vaccinated also need to wear masks at camp when indoors.
  • Units are welcome to use the Camps for weekly Unit meetings at no charge from September 2021 thru April 2022 and subject to availability from Monday-Thursday.  Reservations must be made by contacting the Program Experience Team directly to schedule.  Contact or
  • District and Council events are being held.  Please consult the Council’s web page and calendar for updates and information.  COVID-19 protocols are included in event plans.
  • The Restart Scouting Checklist should be followed for all meetings, service projects, camping and all other official Scouting activities while at one of our Camps.
  • CLICK HERE for the Restart Scouting Checklist

What can all Scouting members do to protect themselves and others?

  • Scouting members should wear face coverings:
    • Anytime inside any building unless eating a meal, in personal housing or when social distancing isn’t feasible.
    • Anytime preparing food whether inside or outside
    • Anytime social distancing is not possible regardless of if inside or outside.
  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. *(Alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content can work in a pinch, but they’re generally not as effective as soap and water). 
  • Hands should be washed before eating, after using the bathroom, and when you come inside from outdoor activities that caused hands to get dirty.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, eyes or noses.
  • Cough and/or sneeze into your elbows and not your hands.
  • Distance yourself from anyone coughing or sneezing.
  • Encourage Healthy Habits, like eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep.
  • If you are sick, stay away from school, work, Scouts and others.
  • If you have any symptoms of the virus, seek medical attention immediately and follow the advice of your medical professional.
Let’s all set the example to be safe during this time.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you.
Jack L. Sears, Jr.| Scout Executive/CEO

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