NYLT Vision Patch

Developing Your Personal Vision


Steps to Completing Your NYLT Vision

  1. Brainstorm ideas - during  the course.
  2. Discuss ideas with your troop guide- during  the course.
  3. Once you develop a vision that your troop guide approves, create your first draft vision, goals, and plans. Your vision should have at least three goals with a plan for each goal. It should take between two and ten months to complete - during  the course.
  4. Get written vision approved by your troop guide - during  the course.
  5. Seek approval from an approved NYLT staff member - during  the course.
  6. Make revisions as necessary - during  the course.
  7. After approval, you may begin your vision back home. You should have your vision approved before the last day of the course.
  8. Once you have completed your vision, have your unit leader (scoutmaster, crew advisor, skipper) sign off on the handbook page.
  9. Email NYLT Vision Patch stating that you have completed your vision. Include scanned copies of the handbook pages that contain your vision, goals, and unit leader’s signature.
  10. Within one week, you should receive a response, and your gold bordered NYLT patch will be mailed to you.


You must complete your vision within one year from the end of your NYLT course to receive recognition.