Getting Started with Tentaroo

Tentaroo Users Website

Watch the Getting Started in Tentaroo video for guidance on setting up an account, logging in, and navigating the Tentaroo system.

Helpful Time Stamps:

  • Create a New Account (0:18)
  • Login to an Account or Forgot Password (1:01)
  • Event Registration (1:58)
  • Facility Reservation (2:28)
  • Cart (3:03)
  • Account Settings (3:26)

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Event Registration Guide

Watch the Event Registration Guide video for a virtual tour of a registration, including all possible registration steps.

Helpful Time Stamps:

  • New Registration (At 0:22)
    • Reserve camp spots, group classes, order products, notify council of campsite preferences.
  • Register Individuals: (At 3:38)
    • Add participant, choose individual class schedule.
  • Modify Existing Registration: (At 5:57)
    • Make changes to existing event registrations including camping spots, group options, registered individuals and products ordered.
  • Reports: (At 7:33)
    • Invoices, participant rosters, class schedules, requirements completed and blue cards.

Facilities Reservation Guide

Explore the Tentaroo Facilities Reservation system, learning how to check availability, set up a trip, reserve facilities, and download your itinerary.

Helpful Time Stamps:

  • Check Availability (1:40)
  • Start a New Trip (2:29)
  • Add a Reservation (2:45)
  • Make a Payment/Place Order (3:50)
  • Manage a Trip and Reservations (4:24)
  • Access Past Trips (4:53)
  • Download Itinerary (6:40)