As commissioners, we share the BSA’s mission: To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. The mission of a commissioner is to build friendly and trusting relationships with units to help them better serve youth through Scouting. District Commissioners work closely with the Council Commissioner and Assistant Council Commissioners. Unit Commissioners work closely with their District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioners, and Roundtable
Commissioners, while maintaining regular contact with their assigned units. Unit Commissioners serve as a liaison between the units and the District Committee and the North Florida Council.


Every member of the BSA has a great Scouting experience.


  1. Supporting unit growth and retention through the Journey to Excellence program.
  2. Contacting units and capturing their strengths, needs, and a Unit Service Plan that enables continuing improvement in Commissioner Tools. 
  3. Linking unit needs to district operating committees and other resources.
  4. Supporting timely unit, district, and council charter renewals.
  5. Supporting unit leaders by delivering effective Roundtables, collecting and distributing information, enabling program training, and providing networking opportunities.


  1. Enable an increased number of units.
  2. Enable the retention rate of units.
  3. Enable implementation of a unit service plan through collaborative detailed assessments and an increased number of significant unit contacts.


  1. The Unit Roadmap
  2. New Member Coordinators
  3. Unit Key 3
  4. The Unit Service Plan
  5. Journey to Excellence 
  6. My.Scouting Tools (Including Commissioner Tools)
  7. Continuous Recruiting
  8. Assigning Resources to Greatest Needs – Red, Yellow, Green

Interested in becoming a Commissioner?
It’s a great Scouting job, and very rewarding. Commissioners in the North Florida Council have many years of experience in Scouting, but that’s not a requirement! Even if you are new to Scouting, if you like working with people to promote good Scouting and solve problems, and you are willing to take advantage of the many Commissioner training opportunities put on throughout the year, you may be a great candidate for this area of Scouting service. The North Florida Council is currently looking for volunteers at the Unit Commissioner level for all districts.


Commissioner Qualifications

  • Trained Scouter (or willing to be trained)
  • Meet basic Boy Scouts of America membership requirements
  • Willing to visit and regularly contact Scout units
  • Willing to attend district activities
  • Be pro-district and pro-council
  • Willing to attend monthly commissioner staff meetings
  • Willing to live by the Scout Oath and Law


District Commissioner Email
Bartram Trail Christine Layne
Five Rivers Bill Holland
Sabol Bruce Crichton
St. Johns Bob DeLoatch