NFC NESA Committee

Purpose of the Committee

  • Increase the knowledge of the benefits of belonging to the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA).
  • Identify and nominate Eagle Scouts for NESA awards.
  • Inform recent Eagle Scouts about NESA scholarships.
  • Encourage Scout Alumni to stay connected with the North Florida Council through various events and programs, including an annual Gathering of Eagles, on or near August 1st; the anniversary of the awarding of the first Eagle Badge

Accomplishes Purpose by

  • Full Committee meets quarterly to review action items.
  • Subcommittees meet as necessary
  • Representatives attend monthly District Roundtables to be a resource to troop leaders and to encourage NESA enrollment.

Subcommittee Opportunities


  • Increase the knowledge of the benefits of belonging to NESA
  • Increase NESA membership within the NFC by encouraging Eagle Scout Alumni to join or renew their membership.
  • Encourage 100% of all new Eagle Scouts to join NESA during the calendar year of the awarding of their Eagle Badge.
  • Provide assistance in all districts with Eagle Boards of Review and Courts of Honor. 


  • Actively engage in Eagle Alumni Search using the various tools available through the NFC. 
  • Develop a process whereby Eagle Alumni can be contacted and encouraged to reconnect with scouting to be a resource for the NFC, (IE: merit badge clinics, merit badge counseling programs, advancement clinics, and district representation on Eagle Boards of Review). 
  • Inform NFC Eagle Scouts about NESA scholarships, local, regional and national scholarships to Eagle Scouts and assist in evaluating applications and recommend adult Eagle Scouts for inclusion on regional scholarship application review committees.


  • Identify and nominate Eagle Scouts for the: 

                 a) NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (local award),

                 b) Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (national award)

                 c) Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award (national award)

  • Publicize the existence of the awards and their requirements including the deadline for submission, gathering prospective candidates, and ensuring all applications are thoroughly and correctly completed to ensure success for those being considered (members of this subcommittee must be very familiar with the requirements of the awards).  All nominations will be submitted to the full NESA committee for discussion and approval.


  • Organize an annual Gathering of Eagles for all Eagle Scouts
  • Conduct annual social events in all districts for the benefit of identifying local Eagle Scout alumni (breakfasts or dinners) in the various business, professional, religious, academic and military communities. 


Conduct community service projects to showcase Scouting and Eagle Scouting.  This would best be accomplished in conjunction with NFC and district projects and would be apart from Eagle Scout projects conducted by Life Scouts or Eagle Scouts. Eagle Alumni, young and old, would be encouraged to participate.


For further information regarding the North Florida Council NESA Committee activities, please contact Bob Schlegel at

For further information regarding NESA awards and scholarships, please review carefully the frequently updated information listed on Our National Website