“Here Comes the S.U.N.”
S.U.N. = Sign Up Night, 
the sunrise of the Scouting experience

Sign Up Night Plan

What is a Sign-Up Night?
A Sign-Up Night is a Council activity, in which volunteers and staff work together to create a fantastic customer service experience for new families, so that they 1) join Scouting 2) feel welcome and 3) are connected to something organized and worthwhile.

Where are Sign-Up Nights?
Sign-Up Nights are to be hosted at the location in which the youth were recruited. Examples: a school classroom visit from staff is followed by a Sign-Up Night in that school’s cafeteria. Or a presentation at church on Sunday is followed by a Sign-Up Night at that church’s fellowship hall. This ensures a level of comfort for new families and reinforces the implied endorsement from the school or church. We have seen – when families are asked to go to a different location for a Sign-Up Night, turnout is down.

When are Sign Up Nights?
Staff, in consultation with District Membership Chairs, set the calendar for Sign-Up Nights. Staff drafts a calendar in April and works together with volunteers in May, June and July to set 100% of available schools for fall visits. It is imperative staff are involved in leading this part of the process because 1) School District Superintendents expect us to have one point of contact and 2) staff must manage their time to ensure proper service at all schools and for all Packs and Troops.

How do Sign Up Nights happen?
The process of the Sign-Up Night has evolved. The North Florida Council hosted focus group studies back in 2013 that resulted in an overhauled Sign Up Night process. After three years - and a new focus group study of millennial parents and Scout volunteers - the data, research, results and feedback was used to re-tool. The new Sign-Up Night Plan was launched in 2017. In 2018 and 2019, minor tweaks have been made based on what was learned – and adjustments have been made to welcome the full family.

Final thought
Sign Up Nights should be simple, fun, interactive, informative, organized and effective. Effective means families 1) join Scouting 2) feel welcome and 3) are connected to something organized and worthwhile.

Sign Up Night Kickoffs
All District Sign Up Night Kickoffs will be held at your District’s August Roundtable.

Tools to Prepare for Sign Up Night Season

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