Boomerang Back to the Pack

Engaging Scouts after Summer

Key Steps

  • All Packs are encouraged to host a special event at the end of the summer to invite all members to get re-engaged for the new school year.
  • Have a theme and make it fun! One idea: throwing/making boomerangs to signify everyone’s return to school and Scouting.
  • It could be a picnic or a campout – whatever works for your unit. 
  • The key is – doing something fun and inviting all members to participate!
  • Your Boomerang Back to the Pack must be held prior to any sign up nights in the fall.  

Promotional Help

  • To support your “Boomerang Back to the Pack,” the North Florida Council will mail a promotional post card to each member of your Pack, as well as, any dropped youth, inviting them to attend.
  • You should also promote the event through your own communication tools – email and phone. Every family should receive a personal invitation.
  • To ensure the post cards are mailed in a timely fashion, fill out a commitment form and turn in at your May Roundtable. Final deadline is the June Roundtable.

At Your Event

  • Use this time for new leader engagement. When parents arrive with their child, invite them to fill out a talent survey. Encourage every parent to help the Pack at some level. 
  • Have a chart that shows all of the pack “positions” with names or blanks beside each one to show who has volunteered and what openings there are. Have adult applications to fill out.
  • Have youth applications on hand should any new siblings or boys be on hand to join
  • Engage a New Member Coordinator, if needed. 

Back to the Pack Commitment Form


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