The Boy Scouts provides a series of surmountable obstacles and steps in overcoming them through the advancement method. A Scout plans his/her advancement and progresses at his/her own pace as he/she meets each challenge. The  Scout is rewarded for each achievement, which helps him/her gain self-confidence. The steps in the advancement system help a Scout grow in self-reliance and in the ability to help others.

In this advancement section you will find many useful links. Some of the documents found here have been created by other creative Scouters that you may find useful. Please keep in mind that only official BSA North Florida Council and National forms may be submitted for any advancement approval. Also, always check that you have the most recent printing of the documents you are going to summit.

If you have a question about an advancement issue, you should begin with your Unit Advancement Chair. The next step would be your District Advancement Chair. If you still need clarification then you can contact me at  

Thank you,
Ed Kiely
Council Advancement Chairman
Boy Scouts of America, North Florida Council

Internet Advancement  - Submit Advancements Online for your unit!



Click on links below for the advancement program applicable.

- Cub Scout Advancement

- Boy Scout Advancement
            - Outdoor Awards
                     - National Outdoor Challenge Award (for Troop Units)
                     - National Outdoor Achievement Award (for Individual Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts)

   NEWMining in Society Merit Badge - Available Now

   Eagle Scout Advancement 

- Venturing & Sea Scouts Advancement



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