North Florida Venture Scout becomes First in her Council to earn the Summit Award

The lives of 33 Jacksonville locals have been positively impacted by the blood drive held by a 20-year-old Scout in the Venturing program. This service project, which met its goal of donations for Life South, was the last step of a passionate dream to earn the highest award venturing has to offer. This award marks a completion in a service project aimed to strengthen the local community. Jadah, in her project chose to partner with Life South and hosted a Blood Drive that drew in shoppers at Wal-Mart, side by side with her volunteers the scouts welcomed 11 donors throughout the day bringing awareness to the necessity of blood within the community. 
“It was a real honor to present the first summit award in North Florida council to Jadah Foltz of Crew 288. Foltz and the entire crew did an amazing job of making this a ceremony to remember,” said Richard Basye Crew Advisor. “The Summit is Venturing’s highest honor. Ventures’ who wish to achieve this ultimate recognition must serve the crew as a leader – both formally and informally – as well as learning and demonstrating the skills to become a mentor to others. These opportunities provide experience and maturity when scouts are given the chance to lead as individuals and as members of a team.” 
Jadah Foltz has been an active member of Crew 288 for four years, and has served as President, and Treasurer of the crew. In addition to Crew leadership she was also the Secretary of the Venturing Officer’s Association of the NFC, as well as VOA President for a term. Jadah has graduated and staffed NYLT, ILSC, and the Kodiak Challenge respectably and has been to the High Adventure Sea Base twice. In addition, she’s held responsibility of being Dean of Venturing for University of Scouting during her VOA presidency, and has volunteered for Woodbadge for three years. Recently completing her Ordeal, Jadah is a youth member of the Order of the Arrow in the Osceola chapter. She is also holder of the God and Life award, and the council Venturing Leadership Award.
VOA Advisor Ashley Friesen, who worked with Jadah on a council level for two years, said, “As an Advisor for the Venturing Program, I had the opportunity to watch Jadah develop from an eager, but unsure teenager to a confident, strong young adult. In my experience, leadership cannot be taught, but you can provide opportunities for developing leaders to take the right path…. When we meet Crews from outside of our council, Jadah would sit down with them and talk about both programs. I think this, more than anything else, encompasses a leader. The ability to identify when action needs to be taken and having the ability to motivate yourself as well as others to complete the task, especially undesirable ones.” 
Beyond her work in scouting Jadah is pursuing her education as a Sophomore at University of North Florida in the field of Public Relation Communications. In her free time, she is nurturing a garden and learning to throw clay into ceramics. She plans to stay active in scouting and is excited to help others achieve their Summit. “Scouting is a self-driven quest. I am thankful to have reached this splendid height, and I am even more excited to see what is to come. I do not intend to give up on Leading the Adventure,” said Jadah Foltz of Crew 288. 
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