Boatswain Harvey Morrissey of Sea Scout Ship 116 of Marion District became the first recipient of the Sea Scout Quartermaster Award in North Florida Council history on January 26, 2020.  The Sea Scout Quartermaster Award is the highest award Sea Scouts can earn and very few Sea Scouts earn it.  Between, 2011 and 2015, only 185 were awarded.  Boatswain Morrissey is the Area 4 Boatswain, the Boatswain and a founder of Sea Scout Ship 116, and an Ordeal Member of Echokotee Lodge 200.  The Mayor of Ocala and the United States Coast Guard among others acknowledged his accomplishment during Boatswain Morrissey's Quartermaster Bridge Ceremony, which included a Landship Ceremony.  

Sea Scouts is a growing discipline in North Florida Council.  Consider starting a Sea Scout Ship today! To learn more check out or

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