Brought to you by The National Jamboree & BSA Outdoor Adventures Teams.

To All Adult Volunteers, Unit Leaders, and BSA Staff – THANK YOU – for helping youth experience the grand Adventure that is Scouting! No matter the location – Troop Meetings, Service Projects, Council Camps, National Jamboree, High Adventure Bases – youth are developing skills, confidence, and character in Scouting because of YOU!

Since preparing for their Adventures begins with YOU, we are excited to invite YOU to the first Adult Adventure Weekend at the Summit Bechtel Reserve June 20-24, 2018!

The focus is simple… it’s YOUR turn to ride the zip lines, climb rocks, shoot guns, ride bikes, fish, tour, eat great food, hang out with friends, and experience Adventures that are normally reserved for youth – Both at the Summit and in the New River Gorge!

But the Adventure won’t end there – Evening programs focus on the shared goal of providing more Outdoor Adventures for more Scouts in the future. Partnering with YOU – To generate energy for Adventures that increase membership, retention, and camping opportunities in YOUR Council!

Join the Adventure in June! Sign- Up now at

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