The BSA puts Scouting on the map!

That's right!  The BSA has put Scouting on the map all acros the nation.  The Boy Scouts of America has its own joining website with information on Scouting, plus an actual Google map application that will help potential Scouts and their parents find a Pack, Troop, or Crew in their communities.

BeAScout allows people interested in a particular unit to email questions to the unit leaders.  For instance, say a potential Scout parent wants to know, "What night does your den meet?". 

Scouting Leaders
Unit Leaders are able to update their unit's Google pin (the bubble you see on Google maps) through MyScouting.  They can add their unit meeting time, location, phone number, unit website address, if they have one, as well as contact information.


To go to the BeAScout website, CLICK HERE



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