Streamlining Scouting Operations across the North Florida Council

The new district realignment structure will…

  • Push more resources to unit-level volunteers to help orchestrate a consistent, dynamic program for families within their unit
  • Engage more volunteers in leading the delivery of the Scouting program
  • Permit the more effective deployment and retention of Scouting professionals to support volunteers in the program delivery
  • Inspire more individuals and businesses to give generously to support Scouting in their communities
  • Encourage community partners such as civic and religious organizations and school districts to engage cooperatively with Scouting to grow programming opportunities

This ultimately culminates in increasing the number of youth and adults registered in the Scouting program and the number of options they may choose to join.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What District am I in? What is the name of my new District?
    • Placeholder names have been developed as follows, until the Council Executive Board approves new names, which will go into effect February 1, 2021.
      • “North” District – Duval & Nassau Counties
      • “Central” District – Clay, Putnam & Bradford Counties
      • “South” District – St. Johns County
      • “West” District – Alachua, Marion, Columbia, Baker, Union, Hamilton, Suwannee, LaFayette, Dixie, Gilchrist & Levy Counties.
  • How will this affect Scouting in my unit?
    • Additional resources will be available to help unit leaders provide a quality program on a consistent basis to families. This includes support from the District’s volunteer Program Committee to provide training to volunteer leaders, ideas for camping & activities & guidance on advancement as well as support & mentoring on other unit-related topics from the volunteer Commissioner staff.
  • Where will my local Roundtable be held?
    • Roundtables will still be offered monthly in each of our major population centers. Please see this page for additional details.
  • How will Camporees, Cub Day Camps, Pinewood Derbies, Training events, etc. be affected?
    • Check the Council Calendar for upcoming events.
    • Programming for Packs will be offered at both camp properties throughout the year through single day “adventure days,” & weekend “family camps” as well as Winter Blast in December & Aquatics Camp in the Summer.
    • Programming for Troops will be offered throughout the year through merit badge fairs (in-person & virtual) as well as Summer Camp at Camp Shands & Winter Blast in December.
    • Training events can be brought to your unit at its convenience & should be coordinated through the volunteer District Training Chair.
  • How will my unit’s recharter be affected?
    • Completion of your unit’s recharter is unaffected by these changes. Please contact your Unit Commissioner or District Commissioner with any questions you have regarding the recharter process. 
  • How will Order of the Arrow (OA) chapter boundaries be affected?
    • OA chapters will reflect boundaries of the new 4-District structure. Lodge officers are being inducted at Winter Fellowship (January 2021) and more information will be provided through youth leadership at the Lodge and Chapter levels in the coming weeks.
  • How will Eagle project approvals, Eagle Boards of review, etc. work in Districts that cover more territory?
    • No changes are anticipated in the mechanics of the Eagle project or Board of Review processes are conducted. If you have any questions, please reach out to your District’s Advancement Chair.
  • As a charter partner, how does this impact my relationship with the North Florida Council?
    • These changes allow our local Council to provide stronger support and additional resources through staff and volunteers to both your organization as well as the volunteer leadership in your Scouting programs. Our goal of developing a win-win partnership between our two organizations to serve more youth in the local community through character development, citizenship training and physical fitness programming has not changed.
  • As a donor, how does this impact my relationship with the North Florida Council?
    • These changes allow the Council to make more efficient use of your funds by ensuring resources are allocated to the “front lines” of Scouting – program delivery of the highest quality on a consistent basis to more young people throughout each community we serve. All funding provided is leveraged locally to offer a character development, citizenship training and physical fitness program to more young people.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions?
    • Visit our Contact Us page to find information for your local Executive

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